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Kerr Properties was founded in 1981 with the intent to become a provider of world-class service in the property management business. Our innovative business model integrates the customer service 和 management disciplines of the institutional property 地方一级的管理行业. This unique approach 和 our commitment to hiring the very best professionals have resulted in strong business growth 和 our long-lasting tenure in the area, 使我们成为当地最受尊敬和信任的公司之一 物业管理公司.

Because our business model focuses solely on the management of our rental properties, we’re able to concentrate our efforts to maintain a constant presence in local markets, 在所有者管理周期的所有阶段创造价值. 我们有相同的 金融复杂性, institutional quality reporting 和 leading edge property management technology as many of the nation's largest 物业管理公司, 但我们较小的规模和本地市场专长意味着我们可以提供更好的服务 对我们的住客和客户都要有更积极的服务.

Our dedication to redefining excellence in renting means we’re constantly exploring innovative ideas 和 pioneering new ways to serve our residents 和 clients. 请致电我们,了解我们如何帮助您实现您的目标:(503)666-0922



It all began in 1970 when Tom got his Real Estate license 和 started listing 和 selling properties 1977年,汤姆学习并获得了经纪人执照.

There came a time when some of Tom’s clients were in a qu和ary as to whether or not to sell their properties 或者把它们租出去,但不想自己处理它们. Sheryl had been ‘managing’ a couple of her 和 Tom’s investments so Tom offered to have Sheryl take care of 如果客户决定不出售他们的财产.

In 1978 Sheryl took the job of overseeing 3 different properties for some of Tom’s clients which included cleaning (在她父亲的帮助下, 画室内), 显示, 获取租用属性的应用程序, screening 和 preparing the necessary final paperwork (all without the help of a computer). 当申请是 approved Sheryl met with the approved applicants at the property for the final walk through 和 obtaining move in funds. This was all done free of charge until things started snowballing 和 more properties were being added which was more 雪莉一个人应付不来的工作.

During this time Tom continued to list 和 sell Real Estate for a Real Estate company but soon decided it was time to form a property management company which was named Kerr Residential 物业管理, 公司. 办公室建在地下室一个10英尺x 10英尺的房间里.

Sheryl continued to work on her own for a short time after the company was formed but it soon came apparent that she needed more help so Tom transferred his license to Kerr Residential 物业管理, 公司. 和 Tom began 显示 properties to prospective tenants while Sheryl continued on with processing paperwork, 等. 和记账.

The company outgrew the basement office in approximately 1980 a ‘real’ office space was leased on NE 181st 和 弗兰德斯和工作人员从2人增加到4人.

1986年,汤姆和谢丽尔将公司名称缩短为Kerr 属性,公司 .. 那时,他们也是这样 able to purchase the building (after much remodeling 和 meeting code requirements with City of Gresham 和 City of 波特兰) Kerr 属性,公司. 目前位于东南181街和松树街.

随着业务的增长,员工也在增长,克尔地产公司一度. 管理着近600家公司.


Tom于2008年退休,Kerr 属性,公司 .. 被卖给了汤姆和谢丽尔的儿子W. 肖恩·克尔, in 2012 where Sheryl remained as Secretary/Property Manager until her retirement March 31, 2017.

W. 肖恩·克尔, MPM, RMP:总裁MPM的标志RMP标志
W的照片. 肖恩·克尔

1992年,Sean成为Kerr Properties公司的全职员工,担任租赁代理. 他负责所有的现场工作,包括展示空置的单元, 搬进搬出物业状况报告和内部调查. 在90年代中期,他是 Kerr Properties公司代表. 所有驱逐诉讼的法庭活动.

Sean obtained his Property Managers license in 1998 和 from that point started to learn the inner workings of the business.

In 2004 Sean became an active member of the Greater 波特兰 chapter of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) 和 in 2007 began working at the National level on the Communications Committee 和 at that time began running Kerr 属性,公司. 在他父亲汤姆的帮助下. Around April of 2008 Tom retired 和 Sean officially took the reigns as the head of Kerr 属性,公司.

At the beginning of 2008 Sean joined the local NARPM chapter board as the President Elect 和 in 2009 was the local NARPM chapter President 和 the head chair for the NARPM NW Regional conference held in 波特兰.

In 2008 Sean was the 7th recipient of NARPM’s RMP (Residential Management Professional) designation within the State of Oregon 和 in 2011 was the 2nd recipient in the State of Oregon for NARPM’s prestigious MPM (Master Property Manager) designation.

2012年,Sean正式收购Kerr 属性,公司 .. from his parents 和 currently leads a team of five full time employees 和 one part time employee.

Niki Doyon:办公室经理/人力资源
Niki Doyon的照片

妮基从克尔地产公司开始. 2014年9月担任办公室经理和人力资源人员. 妮基还为克尔地产公司处理所有的簿记工作. 和 is a current Support Staff member of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers). She also ensures the office is holding excellent customer service 和 high st和ard practices. In total, Niki has over 20 years Operational/Human Resources 和 accounting experience.

Andrew Taylor:租赁代理

From 1988 to 1990 Andrew worked for 肖恩·克尔 doing yard maintenance for Kerr 属性,公司. 作为暑期兼职工作. In 1998 Andrew became a full time employee as a leasing agent for Kerr 属性,公司. 他负责野外工作,包括展示 vacant properties, 搬进搬出物业状况报告和内部调查. 同年晚些时候,他获得了物业经理执照. During a transition phase of the company from 2002 to 2004 Andrew took on more responsibilities 和 started to learn the inner workings of the business as well as representing Kerr 属性,公司. 为法庭活动和驱逐诉讼做准备. 自2004年以来,Andrew一直是Kerr 属性,公司 .唯一的全职租赁代理. 也是一位365bet手机开户员工.

Mason Louderback:现场代表
Mason Louderback的照片

Mason开始在Kerr 属性,公司 .担任现场代表. in January of 2019; before this his background is relatively varied.

梅森于1999年获得通讯/广播专业学士学位. 从那里 梅森搬回波特兰,在北电网络公司(Nortel Networks)找到了一份工作 技术员. 他在这个职位上的主要职能是作为一个团队的一员 安装和配置蜂窝塔内的电信设备. 干了这份工作后,他在一家奶牛场当了几年拉货员 delivery driver; then he went on to work at the IT helpdesk for a local 标题/托管公司,帮助同事和客户与他们的电脑 问题. 他后来在Integra电信公司担任了五年的服务代表 在维修部,帮助确保他的客户收到 最好的产品(网速). 自Integra以来,梅森一直担任 为年轻人提供认知、行为和身体方面的指导 挑战以及PC成像技术员为当地的医疗保健 他甚至在建筑行业做过一些工作 金属车间.

梅森是一个溺澳门365bet开户他六岁儿子的父亲,也是一个汽车澳门365bet开户好者 关注沃尔沃.

Molly McCoy:办公室助理

As a 波特兰 native I underst和 how beautiful this city is 和 it's appeal to others as well.   在克尔地产,我的目标是帮助您在这里找到您的家. 在科尔工作之前, I worked at Safeway as a checker where I met a lot of people in this area 和 also as a 波特兰市中心的律师助理. 在过去的一年, 我的工作是回答你可能有的任何问题,并帮助指导你通过 申请过程要尽可能顺利和快速. 波特兰是一个伟大的城市,所以去那里探索吧!

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